I loved painting and drawing when I was a child, though as I grew older I began to pursue other interests. I studied literature and I tried writing for a while among other things. Then I got the opportunity to work in the design industry. But as the years passed I found myself become frustrated. I wanted more from life and something essential was missing. Passion.

I knew there was more, and I longed for working more creatively. I returned to my first love, painting. In 2014 I started to explore by traveling through China, Cambodia, Vietnam, and then decided to quit my job in design.

In 2016 I lived in Thailand, Japan, the USA & Spain and began painting with a conviction I’ve never had before. I’m experimental with different techniques and tools to find what I’m searching for, what I want to express: art… not from my head, but from my heart. I attempt to follow my inner voice and instincts when I’m painting.

Being in the painting process feels very natural to me. It was not easy to find out what my nature was, to go back and find what I already knew as a child. I’m humbled I found my passion for painting… and what I’d like to give back to the world is beauty, and love, and gratitude.

-Mali Andrews


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